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Mickey Crews learned about NAA® from his brother-in-law, who over complicated things. Crews balked at his brother-in-law’s first pitch, but after seeing a commission check two weeks later for $1,400, Crews gave it a second look.
Prior to NAA®, Crews worked two jobs while in college and his grades suffered as a result. With NAA®, he earned what he needed in only 8 to 10 hours a week and was able to pull his grades back up, and graduated a year early with honors. He also left college with no debt.
A job Crews expected to get after college was no longer available, which convinced him he needed to dictate his income if at all possible.
“There is no way I would willingly put my family in a position where we could be broke in the future,” Crews said. “That’s when I started focusing on the different type of income that my mentors like Mike and Noelle Lewantowicz have.
Crews recalled reading in the Bible about Paul having to sell tents for three years before his ministry. He thinks he too can build the type of income he wants to help fulfill God’s purpose for his life, and not ever be dependent upon somebody else’s decisions.
Crews is on pace to eclipse $100,000 in 2011, which would be his highest earning total with NAA®.
“Thanks Andy Albright for helping me earn the respect of people I respect in my personal life,” Crews said. “You guys have a hirer standard and I will reach it and earn your respect too!”

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